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Jollof Rice Virtual Cooking Class

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Hello foodies and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! My oh my, we are finally in a new year but based off the news it seems like its 2020 part two lol. Regardless of everything crazy that has and is going on I hope you are starting off your year on a positive note. Without any further ado, I am happy to announce our first virtual cooking class of 2021!!!!

I will be teaching how to cook JOLLOF RICE the SIERRA LEONEAN WAY! I am so excited to finally make this event life because I know how much people love jollof rice. When people mention African food especially West African they immediately mention jollof rice. Its arguably the most famous African dish and infamous. It is so popular there are entire cooking competitions solely on determining who makes the best jollof rice. They are called "Jollof Wars"

Little known fact: I competed in a jollof rice competition and came in second to Liberia.

The class will be a little longer than usual (2.5 hours) because we are cooking two dishes to create Sierra Leonean jollof rice. We accompany a tomato based stew with our jollof rice. Its what makes our jollof rice stand out from the others. So you will learn how to cook the tomato based stew with chicken but you can substitute with whatever animal protein you choose. Another new change is the inclusion of cooking levels. I want those who are interested in attending to be aware of level of skill that may be required and to make that decision to attend.

I hope you are available to attend this months cooking class because its going to fun and engaging per usual! Lastly check out my previous blog on how to prepare for the class here.

We shall chat later!

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