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Jessica B.

We booked a private dinner. Delicious food and wonderful service! Will definitely book again!


Brittany S.

The Jollof Rice & Chicken Stew cooking class with Chef Hawa was AMAZING 🤩 Not only did she show us how to cook yummy dishes from Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 but, she also took the time to share her story, educate us about the dish, and check-in with participants throughout the cooking process!! I definitely recommend taking a cooking course with Chef Hawa!


Hope M.

I took a cooking class on how to cook Sierra Leone Jollof Rice today and #1 It was an amazing experience, #2 I can’t cook rice to save my life but I did with her help tonight, #3 10/10 people ate it and there was not any left! (ages 2-40)

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