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Time-Saving Tips: Preparing for a Virtual Cooking Class

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

ONE MORE DAY until the cooking class!! I am so excited! This blog contains a list of how to prepare for Sunday's class and any virtual cooking class. Preparation is key guys!

Pre- measure your ingredients before the class. This will help to keep the class running smoothly. We want to be mindful of everyone's time.

These tips are specifically for my virtual cooking class on Sunday. We are cooking Sierra Leonean Spinach Stew. However, this can be applied to any class. I have more general tips on my Instagram page. Check it out here!

I hope you find these tips helpful!

Wash, slice and chop vegetables

  • Washing and chopping your vegetables shaves a good amount of time off so you can get to cooking. Some vegetables come with dirt so you always want to rinse them off. I have even heard of some chef soaking their vegetables in water and vinegar for extra cleaning.

Blending vegetables

  • Blend the vegetables and place aside. I've often done it a day in advance as well

Measuring seasonings and dry ingredients

  • I personally do not measure my seasonings because I like to season from the soul. However if it is your first time making a recipe I suggest measuring.

  • If you are using any dry ingredients, measure all of them in advance.

Cook rice

  • Cooking rice in advance allows you more time to plate your food once the stew is completed. Practice those Instagram worthy presentations! This can also apply to noodles.

  • Follow the directions on the packaging to cook properly.

Washing meats and season meats in advance

  • Now there is a debate on whether you should wash you meat or not. Growing up in a Sierra Leonean home we were taught to wash out meats because it rinses off some bacteria thus sanitizing it. I've also researched to see it actually works and it does. However I think it is a cultural thing. I know many Latino, Caribbean, and Asian homes who were also taught the same. Some professionals say it is a bad idea to rinse the meat in the sink because the water can cause bacteria to be splashed everywhere. I personally don't know anyone who erratically washes their meat that way lol. Slow streaming faucet water or even placing the meat in a bowl will reduce that.

  • I wash my meat with an acid based liquid such as vinegar, lemon, or lime. The acid is also multipurpose as a tenderizer combined with the seasonings.

If using frozen chopped spinach: thaw and squeeze water out

If using fresh bunch spinach: wash, dry on paper towels to soak up excess water then chop

Check your connection at least 30 minutes before the call to ensure a good internet connection.

  • Although some technical difficulties can arise during the class I STRONGLY suggest you check your internet connection and device capabilities AT LEAST 30 minutes in advance. This will help you prevent losing connection and you get the most out of the class. However, I understand we cannot always bet on technology to come through because stuff happens. At least make sure your laptop or phone is fully charged as well. If not have it plugged in during the class to avoid loss of connection.

Come ready to learn & ARRIVE ON TIME!

  • Timeliness is important and considerate

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