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Manifest Kitchen Pop Up: Afro-Fusion Tacos

Hi food friends!

As mentioned in a previous email, Manifest Kitchen is participating in the Coco Drip Durham event this Saturday, March 27th 11:00 am - 3:00 pm. This event is hosted by Queen Redefined LLC.

Location: 1639 University Dr, Durham, NC 27707-1628, United States

Two new items being sold: Suya shrimp tacos and berbere lentil sweet potato tacos. In addition to the tacos, fried plantains are available to order. These are Afro-Fusion tacos combining flavors from West Africa, Latin America, and Ethiopia/Eritrea. I personally have a strong love for tacos. It was only right I create my version of tacos with a twist. I am very excited for yall to try them out! Side note: The lentil and sweet potato tacos are vegan!

Read below about the cultural influences in these mouth watering items!

West African influence: Suya is a West African street food traditional made of skewered roasted beef. It is eaten in various West African countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Niger, and Ghana. I also grew up eating it as a Sierra Leonean. The spice used to season the meat is a spicy peanut based seasoning that's combined with powdered chilies. My suya will be using shrimp instead of beef. It tastes just as amazing!

Latin American influence: Corn tortillas and Boniato sweet potatoes are two food used in Latin American cultures such as Mexico. Boniato is considered a cross between a baking potato and a sweet potato in terms of flavor and color. You can distinguish boniato from other potatoes by its pink to burgundy-colored skin and creamy white flesh. In terms of taste, boniato is much fluffier, drier, and less sweet than the orange-fleshed sweet potato. These are the sweet potatoes I also grew up eating in addition to the orange fleshed sweet potatoes we love using around the holiday season.

The corn tortilla is traditionally used to make street tacos originating in Mexico. Ever since I had my first bite of street tacos I have not looked back. I've been hooked every since!

Ethiopia/Eritrea influence: Berbere is a red spice commonly used in Ethiopia and Eritrea. I love this spice so much that I did whole post dedicated to it in previous blog. Check it out here. The combination of the lentils and the berbere spice is also a dish traditionally eaten in both countries, with injera, which is a soft sponge like bread that is worth the try!

If you are in the Durham area, the surrounding Raleigh/Durham, or will be in town this weekend I encourage you to come and support Manifest Kitchen. As well as other Black women owned businesses participating in the Coco Drip Durham this Saturday March 27th!

Read information below to learn more about The Coco Drip Road Trip.


"During Women's History Month 2021, The Coco Drip will be coming to a city near you! The Coco Drip Road Trip is an in-person and virtual shopping event that will be held in North Carolina, Georgia and Maryland. We will host The Coco Drip in a different city every Saturday during the month of March with the goal of supporting Black women-owned businesses.
The Coco Drip is focused on bringing together Black women-owned businesses, in a space owned and created by Black women; socially distanced of course. We understand the importance of social distancing which is why we are limiting the number of vendors for the event and adhering to all local and state COVID-19 precautions. All people will be asked to wear a mask and maintain a social distance of at least 6ft."

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