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Let Manifest Kitchen Take Care of the Cooking this Thanksgiving!

This is will be my first time doing Thanksgiving/holiday orders. I am excited and anxious at the same time. As a new business owner I am learning so much and one of the majors things I am learn and working through is to do things even if it makes you nervous. I've been pushing through a lot of discomfort and putting faith in myself that I will figure it out. I say all that to say that I am not sure how well these orders will do but I trust that I will definitely learn from it.

This Thanksgiving menu consists of the meals that were often eaten during my families Thanksgiving gatherings. It is a mix of West African and American dishes. That is a perfect description of me as person honestly! I have been heavily influenced by both cultures.

If you are located in Raleigh and Durham North Carolina I hope you check out my menu and place an order for your family this holiday so you can sit back and relax.

Place your orders through this link! I look forward to all your orders!

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